"The absence of thought defaults perfection" - Laura Dolan-Hayes

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I'm Laura Dolan-Hayes, author of Fat: How Desperation Led Me From Natural Thinness to Obesity and  Unemployed: How Desperation Led me to the Worst Job Ever

About the Author
Laura Dolan-Hayes is a college level freshman seminar success instructor, author, and humorist who lives in Plainfield, New Jersey, with her husband Ken, a chiropractor. Educated at Rutgers University, she holds a BA in information technology and informatics, as well as a MA in communication and information studies. She shares her home with many loving pets.

About my newest book, Fat: From Desperation to Relief

Join me on a journey that went from June 3, 2010 until February 2, 2016 to get to the bottom of what has happened to our society as it comes to the topic of weight.  In the first twelve chapters of this book I identify the root of the obesity problem and where it began and how it took foot hold.  In the chapters that follow I chronicle my own struggle with integrating the understanding of how the Principle of Deliberate Creation can be used to return to our natural weight without diet, exercise or spending a dime.

In this book I liken the problem of obesity to being in a cult or suffering from a social anxiety disorder.  In the tens of thousands of years of human history there has never been a period where obesity was the norm.  This is a recent phenomenon that we brought on to ourselves.  Not by overeating or sedentary lifestyles but by the "scientific" concepts we bought into, and the unrealistic  expectation of looking like supermodels.  Follow me on my journey of understanding and emotional upheaval as I integrate these concepts into my life.  Watch as I easily and simply return to my natural weight without any effort or monetary cost.


About my first book, Unemployed: How Desperation Led me to the Worst Job Ever

Desperate and overwhelmed by the mind-numbing sameness of each day during ten months of unemployment and no interviews, our heroine Laurie slowly unravels as she lowers her employment expectations. Coming apart at the seams from the pounding boredom, she accepts a job she is extremely overqualified for, because she is willing to "take anything at this point."

Watch as Laurie's flawed and negative thinking takes her "anything" job from bad to worse to intolerable. Based on a true story, Unemployed shows how Laurie's family, including a crazy and outspoken mother-in-law, gets what they're thinking about, for better or worse, each and every time. Like a swarming band of locusts, the family brings on nervousness, lack of money, a raucous trip in an inner tube, a whopping case of hemorrhoids, the pursuit of a replacement dog (just in case), the medicinal consumption of gallons of red wine, and some pretty lively dinner conversation.

Laurie's thoughts take one shockingly simple turn, and the door to the life of her dreams swings wide open. If you're unemployed, working in a job you hate, have the boss from hell, have a crazy mother-in-law, or you simply like to laugh, you will relate to Unemployed: How Desperation Led Me to the Worst Job Ever.